Vanhan Viilatehdas

An atmospheric factory building for conferences and celebrations very near the foams of Vantaankoski!

Files were made in the Dahlfors file factory until the 1960s, and now this wonderful renovated factory hall is a place for both company events and private events. Vanha Viilatehdas is a building protected by the Finnish National Board of Antiquities, and even today, you can feel the history in the factory’s great cabinets with walls built of bricks and stones. Some museum items from the Dahlfors file factory times are displayed on Vanha Viilatehdas, and you can admire them amidst the events. During the renovation of the building, sturdy millstones have been used wonderfully in the interior design, and the jagged vaulted roofs of the hall create a pleasant, authentic atmosphere.

The rooms are suitable to everything from small groups to events for 500 people. In the terrace opened in spring 2011, you can enjoy the foams of Vantaankoski very near the river. During a conference day, you can work with your group in the terrace or enjoy the conference coffee in a unique environment. The terrace also gives you extra space for summer parties or harvest evenings in the autumn. During summertime, the terrace also has a summer kitchen and a barbecue area, where delicious barbecue food is prepared for buffet dinners or cooking courses.

In the upper floor of Vanha Viilatehdas, there is a unique wooden sauna and an electric sauna with a lava stone stove. In both saunas, you can enjoy a wonderful view to the rapids, and you can cool off in a closed terrace, in whose glass pavilion you can continue the evening until late night.

Welcome to enjoy with us in a culture-historical rapid landscape!

dahlsaliDahlforsin sali

Conference venue for a max. of 130 people
Party venue for a max. of 140 people

Dahlforsin sali  (Dahlforsin Etusali and Mustakosken Kabinetti combined) functioned as the factory hall of the Dahlfors file factory until the 1960s. This wonderful Hall has been renovated with respect for the old tradition, but equipped with modern technology. Dahlforsin sali is a long, narrow room that has robust stone walls and small-squared, big windows with a view to the river. The room has a wonderful vaulted roof and an open fireplace built of millstones. From the two entrances of Dahlforsin sali, you get directly to the wonderful riverside terrace.

A great venue for family parties and unforgettable conference events!

dahetusaliDahlforsin Etusali

Conference venue for 20 – 50 people
Party venue for 20 – 60 people

Dahlforsin Etusali is a cabinet separated from Dahlforsin Sali with a folding door. The room functions as both a conference venue and a party venue for smaller family parties. The front hall is an atmospheric cabinet equipped with an open fireplace, and it also has modern conference technology (silver screen, video projector, and wireless net). The hall can also be a place for atmospheric dinner events, where the open fireplace is put into use by preparing a three course dinner or the catering of a Medieval evening. You can go directly to the terrace from the front hall and enjoy the rapid scenery during the event.

mkoskkabMustakosken Kabinetti

Conference venue for 20 – 50 people
Party venue for 20 – 50 people

Mustakosken Kabinetti is a cabinet separated from the Dahlforsin Sali with a folding door. The room functions as both a conference venue and a party venue for smaller family parties. There is an entrance to the cabinet directly from the terrace, and the cabinet also has its own coat racks and toilets. The Mustakoski Cabinet is a room with stone walls and a view to the river, and it has modern conference technology (silver screen, video projector, and wireless net).

Wahlbergin KabinettiWahlbergin Kabinetti

Conference venue for 7 – 16 people
Party venue for 7 – 20 people

The cabinet named after the Dahlfors File Factory’s founder (W.W.Wahlberg) has brick walls and is located in a beautiful place very near Vantaankoski. The windows show a direct view to the river and to the old wooden bridge of Kuninkaantie, and the water pouring in the spring feels more alive than ever. As a conference venue, the Wahlberg Cabinet is appropriately equipped (plasma TV and wireless net), and especially management groups favour it as a dinner venue.

Saunamajurin KabinettiSaunamajurin Kabinetti

Conference venue for 5 people
Party venue for 5 – 8 people

Saunamajurin Kabinetti is a small atmospheric cabinet attached to the reservation saunas, and it functions both as a conference venue (silver screen, video projector, and wireless net) and a dinner venue for smaller groups. The Saunamajurin Kabinetti has its own outdoors terrace and a glass pavilion that you can use for coffee service in a conference. The cabinet also has its own toilets.

PuusaunaSaunas at Vanha Viilatehdas

In the Maunu Eerikinpoika wooden sauna, the benches can be as high as 2.5 meters.
On the highest benches, you can feel the heat of over a hundred grades, and on lower benches, you can enjoy lower heat.
In the Irina Wahlberg electric sauna, you enjoy the gentle heat of the lava stone stove.

The saunas are next to each other in the upper floor of the factory, and both saunas have their own dressing rooms. Thus men and women can use separate saunas at the same time, or bigger groups can spread into both saunas. Both saunas have their own dressing rooms and a mutual cooling area. In this sauna area, there is a lot of space for cooling off and lounging. Besides the saunas, you can use Saunamajurin Kabinetti, the terrace, and an atmospheric glass pavilion


  • thick terry towels
  • disposable cloths for sitting
  • shower soaps, shampoos, and conditioners
  • hairdryers
  • fridges with cold drinks; mild alcohol and soda (the cost depends on usage, you are not allowed to bring your own drinks)

You can reserve to saunas classy three course menu or for a smaller hunger different kind of snacks.