Kartano’s Stand Up Pre-Christmas Party

Kuninkaan Kartano, Voudintie 1, Vantaa



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Kartano’s Stand Up Pre-Christmas Party

The delicious and entertaining ready package!

At Kuninkaan Kartano’s pre-Christmas party the laughter echoes and the chandeliers jingle! 

The Christmassy atmosphere and warmth surrounds the guests.
The hilarious comedians ensure amusement while you enjoy our wintry buffet!

The comedians on the stage are
Illusia Sarvas, Paul Westlake and Helena Pöllänen

Book now – limited number of seats available!Perfect for both private and corporate functions.

Few seats are available! Please hurry and ask for! 

An easy pick for pre-Christmas party!
Reservations are pre-billed.
Adults only.

p. 09 25325300 or

Pre-Christmas Party Buffet

Starter buffet
Roasted beets and pine nuts
Green salad and lemon vinaigrette
Braised Kolatun farmer’s cheese and gooseberry compote
Traditional wild mushroom salad
Smoked reindeer mousse cake and compoted onion
Cured salmon and mustard sauce
Sherry herring
Prawn à la Skagen
Boiled potatoes

Main course buffet
Broiled salmon, crayfish sauce and braised vegetables
Christmas sausages

Dessert buffet
Chocolate and cherry cake
Ginger bread pudding
Marmalade and chocolate


65,00 €/hlö
includes mulled wine, buffet and show

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