Father’s Day’s Banquet

Vanha Viilatehdas, Kuninkaantie 28, Vantaa



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Father’s Day’s Banquet

Delight fathers with our delicious menu!

Bring the family and relatives together and come enjoy the traditional Father’s Day’s menu at Kuninkaan Lohet.

The tasty menu by our head chef Mats Westerlund and the rest of our kitchen team is set over the glimmering river rapid views at Vanha Viilatehdas! The menu is a collection of flavors of the Finnish nature: Finnish berries and mushrooms, game of local woods, and fish from lakes and seas.

This is a table served menu where we have maximized hygiene and social distancing. The tables are set separately with sufficient distance between each reservation. We kindly ask you to arrive in time for your booked setting for we have arranged the settings gradually to ensure smooth flow during the meal.

Settings at Vanha Viilatehdas: at 14.00/14.30

The event is pre-billed. Cancellations on the 2.11.  at latest.
Please inform us about special dietary requirements in advance and your choice for main course.
All reservations are confirmed by the Sales team.

Booking and Sales
p. 09 253253 00
or myyntipalvelu@kuninkaanlohet.com
or the form below

The Father’s Day’s table served menu

Viilatehdas’ selection of appetizers
Blueberry cured white fish with head waitress’ sauce LF,GF
Grayfish Skagen and malted bread LF
Roast beef and pickled funnel chanterelles LF,GF
Viilatehdas’ country style salad LF,GF
Green salad with lingonberry vinaigrette DF,GF
Bread assortment; Bread of Krann’s stead’s flour, Maalahti’s loaf LF and butter

Table served main course alternatives. Please, make your choice beforehand!
Meat: Slow-cooked elk roast, forest mushroom sauce, and potato wedges with herbs
Fish: Charbroiled white fish with sea-buckthorn and smetana sauce, and vegetable and lentil bake

Dessert and coffee
Chocolate fondant and vanilla whip LF
Dark roast coffee and infused tea


Children’s menu

Appetizers’ platter
Green salad, cantaloupe melon and grilled chicken with parsley pesto

Main course alternatives. Please, choose beforehand
Frankfurters and meat balls LF, Creamy gravy and French fries LF,GF
Boiled carrots and cauliflower DF,GF
Crispy fish fillets LF and lemon sour cream LF,GF , and potato mash LF,GF
Boiled carrots and cauliflower DF,GF

Ice-cream and marshmallows LF,GF


55,00 €      adults
18,00 €      children 7-12 yo
11,00 €      children 3-6 yo
children under 3 yo free

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