Meeting services

Most delicious meeting packages in Helsinki area – Book now!

Kuninkaan Lohet’s high quality meeting packages will provide whole day meetings from breakfast to dinner or to evening event. Wheather you are planning a small team meeting or a bigger staff event, we will organize it for you!

Did you know that we have meeting venues with own entrance and sanitary facilities?

We can arrange the catering straight into your own meeting cabinet that you can spend your day with only the contact of your colleagues. Everyone can’t make it to the meeting due to corona regulations? – No problem: We also have a quality video conference equipment by Ricoh available – ask more from Myyntipalvelu.

Why to choose Kuninkaan Lohet?

  • Facilities: you can choose from our two unique buildings, where we have meeting rooms from 5 persons to 130 persons meetings, and up to date technology.
  • Safety: you can book a safety meeting package without contact to other customers. Own entrance and catering served in your meeting room.
  • Surroundings: Restaurant Kuninkaan Lohet is located in a gorgeous setting full of cultural history right next to the roaring rapids of Vantaankoski.
  • Catering: delicious and hearty breakfast, nutritious and varied buffet lunch, and home made afternoon coffee breads.
  • Service: warm, happy and professional staff.
  • Location: 6 km from the airport, in the corner of Kehä III and Tampere highway, about 20mins drive from the airpot.
  • Free parking next to the venue.

We are happy to show you our facilities and plan the event with you on the premises. Come and have a lunch with us and we can plan your meeting days for the rest of the year!

Meeting services

Conference venues

You can host events in two, very different-style restaurant buildings. Both buildings are located in the district of Vantaa, within easy reach of the River Vantaa in leafy surroundings, about a couple of hundred meters of each other. Available are Viilatehas with its old stone walls, atmospheric spaces and Kuninkaan kartano with crystal chandeliers and decorations.

Vanha Viilatehdas conference venues

Check out our Viilatehdas venue!

  • Mustakosken Kabinetti-  Conference venue from 20 to 50 persons
  • Wahlbergin Kabinetti-  Conference venue from 7 to 16 persons
  • Saunamajurin Kabinetti-  Conference venue for 5 persons

Kuninkaan Kartano’s conference venues

Check out our Kartano’s venue!

  • Keltainen Sali- Conference venue from 20 to 60 persons
  • Auroran Kabinetti- Conference venue from 5 to 20 persons
  • Voudin Kabinetti – Conference venue from 5 to 30 persons
  • Sininen Kabinetti – Conference venue from 5 to 20 persons
  • Alinen Saunakabinetti – Conference venue from 4 to 5 persons
  • group work space: Vinttikabinetti for 4 persons

All our meeting rooms are equipped with modern conference technology:

  • Whiteboard and video projector of Full HD-screen
  • WLAN
  • White paper block
  • Note tools
  • Wireless microphone if needed
  • Video conference availability! Ask for more!

For bigger meetings we can also arrange the extra technology you need, e.g. additional screens.

Conference roomTheaterL-shapeU-shapeDiplom.
Mustakosken kabinetti60403040
Wahlbergin kabinetti161016
Saunamajurin kabinetti66
Keltainen sali60/1204024/3440
Auroran kabinetti20201220
Voudin kabinetti50262222
Sininen kabinetti301618
Alinen Saunakabinetti6

Meeting packages

The most delicious meetings in the capital area! See more and book!

Kuninkaan Lohet comprehensive and delicious meeting packages provide you with everything necessary for meeting days; modern technology, spacious meeting rooms, delicious food and good service and inspiring atmosphere.

All conference packages are also possible to combine with  saunas, outdoor activities, cooking courses, theme based evenings and much more.

Ask more from our sales team!

Ask us about our great meeting package deals! Make your job easier: once you have confirmed year’s event, you can book them all at once with us.

A full-day conference packages

A full-day meeting package includes

  • morning coffee / tea, nourishing meeting breakfast
  • home-cooked lunch buffet, OR a three-course lunch menu
  • afternoon coffee / tea and fresh pastry selection
  • Audio-visual equipment, as well as the use of meeting rooms 8.30 – 17.00
  • Additional charges: separate rooms for group work, as well as follow-up meeting after 17:00

The full-day meeting packages from 69,00 €/person

Half-day conference packages

½ day meeting package includes:

  • morning coffee / tea, nourishing meeting breakfast
  • home-cooked lunch buffet or three-course lunch menu
  • Audio-visual equipment, as well as the use of meeting room 8.00-12.00 and 12.00 – 17.00

The half-day meeting package from 55,00 €/person


Kuninkaan Kartano breakfast meeting packages!

Have you planned for a powerful two-hour meeting? Come to Kuninkaan Kartano and make the most out of the meeting in the morning!

Kuninkaan Kartano’s breakfast meeting package includes:

  • Kunikaan Kartano’s rich breakfast buffet with coffee and tea
  • Audio-visual equipment, as well as at the meeting of room 8.00-10.00.

Meeting Package price from 46,56 €/ person 

Kuninkaan Kartano Lunch Meeting packages

Are you planning a meeting for a couple of hours with delicious lunch? Book Kartano’s Vinttikabinetti or have a meeting at new Aline’s Sauna kabinetti (for 2 to 6 persons) or choose Saunamajurin kabinetti at Vanha Viilatehdas.

Kuninkaan Kartano’s Lunch Meeting Package includes

  • Kunikaan kartano’s rich lunch buffet
  • Audio-visual equipment, as well as at the meeting of room for two hours

Meeting Package price from 47,00 €/person

Morning sauna meetings

What would be a better way to start a meeting than morning sauna or make the most important decissions at sauna?

Own sauna is available at Kuninkaan Kartano o’clock 6.30 – 8.00. Ask more!

Morning sauna from 235,00 €/1,5 hour (1-12 persons). Incl. towels and shampoos.
Please ask for seperate breakfast!



Breath-taking views and silence of the nature in the middle of the suburban area gives you a relaxing moment in a busy every-day life!

Surroundings of Kuninkaan Lohet encourages to exercise and wonder around. In our broad activity selection, you can find something for every taste – from simply enjoying the nature to challenging activities!

Sporting activities suit well for company’s well-being, meeting days or why wouldn’t you start your sauna-evening with some outdoor activities?

So get dressed according to the weather and enjoy the beautiful landscape!

  • Competing and team-building
  • Ease of mind
  • Next to the water
  • Action
  • Hand crafting
  • Cooking courses

Check out our activities from here

Dinner after meeting

Do not rush into a traffic jam!

Sit back and relax and enjoy an evening meal after the meeting. There are, depending on the size of the group, served three-course table dinners or buffets.

Enjoy the gorgeous meal made with seasonal ingredients at the Vanha Viilahtehdas or Kuninkaan Kartano. Just choose the most suitable option for your event!

As an option for normar dinner you can choose one of our cooking courses. Under the guidance of our chef you cook a lovely dinner together!

Take a look the menu options!

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