The terms and conditions of the bookings and payments

we ask you to deliver us the following details no later than 10 days before the event (14 days in over 80 people)

  • the number of attendees
  • timetable
  • details about food and drinks
  • special diet requirements
  • invoicing information (address, reference if needed…) and VAT-number

Changes in the number of attendees

  • booking is confirmed and these Terms shall apply when the written order confirmation is sent out from Kuninkaan Lohet Oy
  • booking has been made for the amount of people that the customer has informed when booking the event
  • the customer must confirm the amount of attendees no later than 10 days before the event, it is possible to inform us +/- 10% changes of the number of attendees three working days before the event
  • if the customer informs us about the decrease in the number of attendees later than mentioned above or not at all, the restaurant has the right to charge by the amount of persons mentioned in the order made by customer
  • if the number of attendees changes greatly the restaurant has the right to point to the customer another space for the event and re-negotiate about the details (incl. the cost of facilities and staff)

General order and cancellation terms

  • we reserve the right to re-check the prices if the date of the event changes substantially
  • if the customer wishes to order some special entertainment or activities through the restaurant the customer agrees to pay the costs even if the event is cancelled and to follow the terms of the cancellation
  • the changes and cancellations of the events must be confirmed in writing to the Kuninkaan Lohet sales team and are valid from when the customer receives written confirmation from the sales team
  • exceptions of the terms of the order can be made if agreed with the customer and written confirmation has been made

Payment terms

Booking fee (only for private events)

After confirming your booking we will send you a booking fee as follows

  • 7-59 persons events 500 € (incl. VAT)
  • Over 60 persons events 1000 € (incl. VAT)

Booking fee is deducted from the final invoice, but if you cancel the confirmed order we won’t return the booking fee.


Pre-invoice (only for private events and for over 100 persons corporate events )

From all the events with estimated cost minimum 4 000€ (incl. VAT) we invoice advance half of the estimated total cost

  • The events for over100 persons 59 days before the event
  • The events for underr100 persons 29 days before the event

The advance payment will be credited from the total cost of the final invoice after the event

If cancelling the confirmed event 29 days or 59 days or less the payment will not be credited (read the terms of the confirmed order below)

Terms for cancelling confirmed event

5 – 99 persons 100 persons and more
No charge 30 days before the event 60 days before the event
50 % from the total cost of the event 3 – 29 days before the event 44 – 59 days before the event
100 % from the total cost of the event less than 3 days before the event Later than 30 days before the event

Payment methods

  • if not separately agreed about the terms of the payment the customer pays by cash transfer, bank or credit card at the event
  • if agreed that the customer will receive an invoice, the customer has to let the restaurant know the invoicing details 10 days before the event
  • billing charge is 12,50 € and payment notice is 12,50 €
  • payment term is 7 days net. Interest rate is 10%
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