Cooking courses

Do you want to surprise your customers or staff with a different kind of social event? Do you want the dinner to be more than just sitting at the table?

In that case, you should try out the Royal Cooking Courses of Kuninkaan Lohet. You don’t need to be a master chief, liking culinary experiences is enough.

Royal Cooking Courses are held throughout the year, the contents of the courses change depending on the season.

The cooking courses last about four hours and are held in Vanha Viilatehdas or Kuninkaan Kartano. Cooking courses are very suitable for refreshment days of the staff, customer events, or the finalization party of a project! Spend a different evening by attending a cooking course!

Royal Barbecue School

There is a lot of pleasant chattering at the terrace, and wonderful scents coming from the barbecue! The beautiful sunny summer day is perfect for relaxing with customers or colleagues and awesome tasting experiences! You don’t need to be a top-class Master Chef, liking culinary experiences is enough!

The Royal Barbecue School introduces you to different ingredients and teaches you how to handle them. At the same time, you also learn to cook the ingredients in the right way and become skilled at seasoning!
Participants also get to choose suitable wines for the menu with the butler’s lead!

You can choose between the traditional barbeque school and the marine barbecue school. Tell us already when making a reservation, which option interests you more.

Barbecue schools are organized from the start of May to the start of October, and the suitable group size is 8 – 90 people.

Barbecue school buffet

  • Smoked flank steak, aioli, and grilled sweet potato
  • Whole grilled chicken and spring vegetables
  • Rack of lamb with herb coating, almond potato, and mint and garlic yogurt sauce
  • Grilled tomato and mozzarella salad
  • Filled whitefish and grilled cauliflower
  • Roasted garlic bread
  • Royal French toasts, mascarpone foam, and flambéed pineapple

Marine barbecue buffet

  • Giant river prawns, bruschetta, and basil mayonnaise
  • Salmon and parsnip with balsamic butter
  • Scallop and avocado and honey melon salsa
  • Whitefish filled with lemon and rosemary
  • Tiger prawns marinated with lime and tequila, and noodle salad
  • Summer vegetable salad
  • Green salad
  • Strawberry and rhubarb trifle

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KokkisotaRoyal Battle of Chefs

Is it unclear, who fries the best steaks in the workplace community? Or does the sales manager claim to be the world’s best sauce guru?

Participate in the Royal Battle of Chefs to see, who is the real Top Chef of the workplace!

In the Royal Battle of Chefs, you put titles and honorifics aside and find out with honest teamwork who are the best “cooks” of the workplace. The battle doesn’t require perfect cooking skills, as you can be the one who offers ideas and advice, while the rest of the team takes care of preparing the menu. During the competition, you also have the support of the kitchen staff, who gives you ideas and helps at the more difficult phases. In the battle of chefs, you prepare an original, delicious menu of the season’s ingredients.

The best team in the Battle of Chefs will be chosen and rewarded during the evening!

The Battle of Chefs lasts about 4 hours and is suitable for groups of 10 – 50 people.

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Royal cooking course- Menu from the Finnish Nature

The independent Finland is turning 100 years old in 2017. We are proud to introduce our customers to the Finnish food culture.

The Finnish nature is full of aromatic berries and wild game. From our thousands lakes we get fresh fish the whole year and during the harvest time we gather our most important ingredient; grain and vegetables.

Our head chef Anu Uimonen has designed a menu for you, specifically from these lovely ingredients.
We will divide the group into 2-5 smaller groups (depending on the whole group size) and each of these smaller groups will prepare one of the dishes. All of the dishes will be prepared with a moderns twist still respecting our traditional food cooking methods. Our kitchen staff and waitresses are at your help during the whole time.
In the end you will enjoy a lovely four course menu that you have made.
The cooking course duration is approximately 3½-4 hours, depending on group size.

Finland 100 years menu

  • Deer tartar, crispy turnip cabbage and mushroom mousse
  • Green pea soup and crispy bacon
  • European whitefish cooked in salt crust and smoked almond potatoes
  • Lingonberry and rye cake with Jerusalem artichoke caramel

Ask for more details or an offer from our sales department p. (09) 253 253 00, or leave your contact information here and we will contact you.

BlinikouluRoyal Blini School

Leave the long and cold winter behind and come to enjoy the joyful spring party atmosphere with delicious sizzling blini pans. The Royal Blini School introduces you to the history of blinis, and during the night, you learn to bake the right kinds of blinis in the glow of the fireplace. Long ago, eating tons of blinis guaranteed good crops and a happy year! The participants of the blini school also get to choose suitable wines for different courses with the butler’s lead.

The blini menu begins with preparing blini dough and frying blinis. To accompany the fried blinis, you make the right kinds of side dishes, such as whitefish roe and smetana, smoked salmon tartare and smoked reindeer mousse, and fulfilling mushroom salad. After the delicious starters, the evening continues by enjoying the rest of the menu.

Blini schools are organized from the start of January to the end of March, and they are suitable for groups of 8 – 30 people.

Blini menu

  • Blinis
  • Buckwheat blinis and potato blinis

Side dishes

  • Whitefish roe, onion, smetana
  • Smoked salmon tartare and dill
  • Smoked reindeer mousse
  • Mushroom salad with smetana

Main Course served to the tables

  • Roasted zander
  • Citrus and potato terrine and dill foam

Dessert served to the tables

  • Blackcurrant parfait

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Royal Sausage School

Feel the joy of sausage making!

Are you getting bored of the traditional combination of grilled sausage and mustard? Would you like to learn to prepare fulfilling and surely meaty sausages from start to finish? Would you like to give your customers a wonderful experience and an unforgettable evening through a cooking course?

If your answer to at least two of the previous questions was “yes”, here is the solution: the Royal Sausage School

During the sausage school, you prepare three different kinds of sausage that you grind and fill yourself, and side dishes.

The sausage master oversees the preparation and tells you about the greatness of sausage-making. During the evening, you are introduced to different ingredients and learn to prepare sausages with different cooking methods. Recipes have been collected from all around Europe, and the list includes: English pork sausage, Italian sausage, and Finnish game sausage.

The crown of the sausage dinner is the delicious dessert, self-made chocolate fondant.

Our butlers have also chosen suitable beers for the menu, and you can enjoy them during cooking.

Royal Sausage Schools are organized all year long, and the suitable group size is 8 – 30 people.

Sausage menu

  • “Bangers and mash”, English pork sausage, poached onion, and mashed potatoes
  • Italian sausage and pasta with tomato sauce
  • Finnish game sausage, mashed lingonberries, and roasted roots
  • Chocolate fondant


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joulkoulRoyal Christmas School

Spend a different pre-Christmas party at the stove! Does your mother-in-law’s gravlax receipt need renovation? Do you want new tips for the traditional Christmas fish table?

At the Royal Christmas School, you learn to make other delicious fish dishes than the traditional gravlax for Christmas. Lead by the master chef, the students learn to, for instance, grill salmon and make delicious mousse of smoked whitefish. After the starters you have prepared yourselves, you sit down to listen to the butler’s stories about wine, and delicious steaks grilled by the master chef are served as the main course. The whole menu is crowned with a delicious winter dessert. The event is a great pre-Christmas event and is suitable for groups of 8 – 30 people!

Christmas School menu

Starters (prepared by customers)

  • Green salad
  • Grilled salmon and marinated red onion
  • Herring caviar à la Åby
  • Smoked whitefish mousse with malt bread
  • Roe and potato crêpes
  • Dill marinated crayfish and Grandma’s cucumber
  • Cooked potatoes
  • The house’s bread collection and butter

Main Course served to tables

  • Grilled tenderloin steaks, fried boletes, and red wine sauce
  • Roasted potatoes


  • Chocolate and nut mousse and rum cherries

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rapkouRoyal Crayfish School

There is a lot of pleasant chattering at the terrace, and wonderful scents above Vantaankoski!

At the end of a colourful autumn day, the atmosphere is perfect for relaxing with customers or colleagues. You don’t need to be a top-class Master Chef, liking culinary experiences is enough!

In the menu designed for the evening, you use the season’s ingredients and learn the right way to handle them, seasoning, and different preparation methods. During the evening, you also get tips about wines that suit the menu, and you can sing as you drink and eat crayfish! On top of all, the dessert is absolutely delicious!

The shrimp party lasts 4 hours
Group size 10 – 30 people


Mushroom pasty
Henri le Blanc de Blancs, France

Cooked crayfish (5 for each person)
Toast, dill, and butter

main course
Planked salmon, stew made of season’s mushrooms, and roots
Beef tenderloin surf&turf, giant river prawns, and béarnaise sauce
Potato muffin

White chocolate pudding and redcurrant soup

Wine recommendations

white wine

  • Weingut Furst Riesling Trocken, Germany
  • Moreau Chablis, France

red wine

  • Sud de France Syrah, France
  • Salentein Barrel Select Cabernet Sauvignon, Argentina

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