Kuninkaan Kartano

The estate has an idyllic atmosphere and is suitable for company and family parties in a verdant rural environment.

The now renovated cabinets of Kuninkaan Kartano served as classrooms for the Swedish-language primary school in the end of the 1970s, and later as training places of the city of Vantaa. Nowadays the lovely Gustavian estate atmosphere is great for organizing company and family parties. The estate’s cabinets with chandeliers create a festive atmosphere, and the light-coloured and bright cabinets have a lovely atmosphere. In Kuninkaan Kartano, there are four cabinets of different sizes and a reservation sauna in the upper floor. All rooms have up-to-date conference technology for conference days.

In the upper floor of the estate, there is a wonderful, spa-like reservation sauna, and in the same floor, the users of the sauna can use a cabinet for eating and lounging. The speciality of the estate’s sauna is a hydro massage bathtub where you can relax and enjoy the bubbles. From the sauna’s terrace, there is a verdant view to Vantaanjokilaakso

In front of the estate, there is a lovely safe terrace where you can enjoy the coffee and lunch during a conference day or raise a glass to celebrate. In the garden area of the estate, there is also an idyllic summer kitchen where we organize different cooking courses for groups.

The lunch at Kuninkaan Kartano: on weekdays from Monday to Friday between 11 a.m. – 2 p.m.

We give you a warm welcome!

ksaliKeltainen Sali

Conference venue from 20 to 60 people
Party venue from 30 to 80 people
Party venue up to 110 people (Keltainen Sali & Peilisali combined).

Keltainen sali is the main Hall of the King’s Estate, where you can enjoy the bright and elegant atmosphere of the estate under the crystal chandeliers. Hall has high sealing and big windows to two directions. You can arrange conference days with modern audio-visual equipment  (video projector, white screen and WLAN) and elegant dinners.
For bigger events we can combine Peili Sali and Keltainen Sali (L-Shape)

_MG_1334Peili Sali

Conference venue from 5 to 12 people
Party venue up to 30 people

Peili Sali is elegant and festive venue for small company and family parties. Chrystal chandelier and real fire on the old fire place creates unique atmosphere. It’s possible to combine Peili Sali with Keltainen Sali for bigger venue (up to 110 people).

Vihreä Sali
Vihrea sali

Party venue from 15 to 40 people.

Vihreä Sali is bright and idyllic venue for small family parties. From the cabinet opens a view to the front yard and terrace. On the weekdays we serve a lunch on the cabinet and on the evenings and weekends it turns to atmospheric party cabinet.

Auroran KabinettiAuroran Kabinetti

Conference venue from 5 to 20 people
Party venue from 5 to 30 people

Auroran Kabinetti got its name from founder of Helsinki Deaconess Institute Aurora Karamzin. Aurora Karamzin tried to revive the old ironworks company before W.W.Wahlberg Dahlfors File Factory was founded.

Auroran Kabinetti is on the second floor of Kunnkaan Kartano and it is an atmospheric and peaceful cabinet. It is one of our most wanted conference venue and it’s equipped with modern conference technique. During the conference day it’s easy to get some fresh air from the balcony while viewing the beautiful Vantaanjoki river.
Next to Aurora Cabinet is also our King’s Estate’s Sauna facilities. We serve our evening snacks for our sauna visitors to Aurora cabinet and you can also reserve the cabinet for social evenings.

Kartanon saunatilat Sauna at Kuninkaan Kartano

Come and enjoy your self to the sauna at Kuninkaan Kartano!

Enjoyable sauna relaxes mind and muscles after conference day.

Sauna is on the second floor of the estate and you can enjoy the great view of the Vantaanjokilaakso. The speciality of the sauna is hydro-massage bathtub which color-therapy feature helps to relax end refresh. You can cool off on the balcony and towels and sauna seat covers includes to the equipments.

You can enjoy beverages and mild alcohol drinks from the cooler. Drinks are billed by the consumption.

Aurora Cabinet is next to the Sauna where you can enjoy evening snacks or Karaoke-night!