The Escape from Viilatehdas

Vanha Viilatehdas, Kuninkaantie 28, Vantaa



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The Escape from Viilatehdas

Come take part on a thrilling and memorable adventure!

It is the start of the 20th century and Finland is under the regime of Russia. The time for the intensifying Finnish patriotism and culture growth. The local rural police chief is concerned about revolutionary gatherings.

Finnish chatter and singing blare until there is an unexpected turn: The doors are suddenly locked and the Viilatehdas converts into a pretrial detention facility!

The tavern workers have set the generous buffet tables especially for You.
During the evening you are to enjoy the buffet’s delicacies and thirst depriving drinks while savoring the entertaining and involving show.

Perfect for both private and corporate functions!

Reservations are pre-billed.

p. 09 253 253 00

Menu of the Evening

Fish assortment
Marinated butternut squash
Green salad and date vinaigrette
Roasted pear and goat’s cheese
Bear rillette and currant jelly
Bread assortment and butter

Robber’s elk roast and broiled seasonal root vegetables

Sinful chocolate cake


59,00 €/person

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